Bonsai tree soil

“What Is Bonsai tree Soil?


Bonsai tree soil

Bonsai tree soil is a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds that provide a

suitable growing media for the cultivation of bonsai trees within the confines

of a bonsai container. A bonsai container or pot is an unnatural and

restrictive environment that, consequentially, requires a very well draining soil

mix to maintain a healthy bonsai tree. Bonsai soils that work well in a specific

set of environmental conditions, may or may not, work well in the specific

microenvironment of your backyard. So, it is recommended that you speak

with your bonsai supplier or another local bonsai enthusiast that has

experience growing bonsai in your locale.

Another important element of bonsai care is to choose the right soil. In nature, trees can grow large because the roots can grow optimally and penetrate into the soil.

Bonsai tree soil

Instead, bonsai growing in pots so that space for the roots would be limited. Limited root growth makes the tree can not grow big.


In order for bonsai growing well, required a special soil mix that is different from your normal ground to plant more trees.




Special soil for bonsai is a mixture of clay, sand, and organic matter, such as compost.


Finished with land disputes, next, when the bonsai should be watered?


The answer depends on the type of bonsai, climatic conditions (wet or dry), aged bonsai, and several other variables.


Ideally, bonsai should be watered in moderation, not too much nor too little.


Be sure to flush the water is at room temperature, the water is too cold or heat can damage the bonsai.


If you want to flush using tap water, let the water settle overnight to precipitate the chlorine and other chemicals.


When flush, flush bonsai with a little water. Once the soil becomes wet, flush again with more water.


Watering is best done every day in the morning, before the start bonsai photosynthesis cycle daily.


For fertilizer, use a fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium with a balanced composition.


Do not fertilize when dry bonsai, so be sure to water it first. Do not fertilize bonsai when exposed to the disease. Fertilizer is not a drug.


Although it takes patience, care of bonsai is not difficult. As long as their basic needs are met, you will get an exotic bonsai