Large bonsai tree

Species Large bonsai tree

Large bonsai tree
Large bonsai tree

Bonsai is a tree that size is made smaller, there is some measure a tree to be called bonsai trees. I have not the size of a tree for a tree called bonsai. To my knowledge bonsai trees are grouped into six groups based on plant height from the base of the stem to the top of the plant:

Giant: tree height over 101 cm.

Very Large: tree height between 76-100 cm.

Large: between 46-75 cm tall tree

Medium: tree height between 31-45 cm

Small: tree height between 16-30 cm

Extremely Small: tree height of less than 15 cm

At dasrnya all plants can be dwarfed by the three kinds of treatment, namely how genetic, chemical means and physical means. Genetic treatment is the way crosses between species or varieties of plants and then crossing the selection results. Through cutting-edge technology plant traits can be manipulated by inserting genes into the nature of dwarf plants are desired. The diminution of the genetic treatment requires a long time and how to manipulate the genes carried out in the laboratory and extremely difficult.

Chemical treatment is to incorporate chemical inhibitors of plant growth (retardants), for example sprayed Cultar 250 EC, as a result of leaves, flowers and fruit as well as the road narrowed between leaf retracts.

Physical treatment is the most common way in stunting bonsai today, among others, with cut stems / shoots of plants (trimming), planted in small pots, pruning roots at regular intervals, throw new shoots (bud nipping) continuously and putting bonsai in place gets full sun.

Large bonsai tree
Large bonsai tree


The easiest way shorten bonsai is by cutting the stem / bud, but the former these cuts as much as possible to hide, because the stem bonsai good is great at the base and gradually tapers down to bud, the stem / shoot bonsai cut should be replaced with the nearest branch pieces facing forward and bent upwards with a wire. If the size is still too high, it can be done more cuts in branches which replaced the rod had to ukrannya accordance with desired.

If at approximately pemotngan aforementioned rod there is no branch can replace the stem / shoot, then can choose one of the buds that will timbuh at around pieces earlier. Chosen branches or new shoots are facing forward is that the cut is shielded by branches or new shoots that will be bent upwards.