Lest Make a Bonsai Fake Tree

The home page is entirely covered concrete or tile will turn off energy qi / chi. In view of Feng Shui occupants difficult to have the luck of the earth. Keep in mind, the land also needs to breathe. By giving enough space to interact with the air, live better fortune is believed to come occupants.


Air will flow freely so that the atmosphere of the room became fresher and more alive. In the understanding of the science of architecture, the house without plants does not have a value of beauty. By doing so, the image of a good and comfortable home is not going to appear.


The concept of Feng Shui, describes the function and usefulness of several types of plants. This function becomes good and bad forms of assessment of certain plant species. Value crops ‘good’ is often interpreted can invite desires sustenance to be willing to stop into the house. Instead, the plant ‘bad’ is believed to harm occupants and one decent crop in your home page is a fake bonsai tree.



“Well … !!! Friends may also be amazed by the beauty of BONSAI … ?? ”

“But, How to Take care of him …. ?????”

Bonsai calm You Can Have Without Must Take care of him. Most just clean up of dust … !!! not only have it, you can also increase the income of this handicraft. TREE BONSAI FAKE proper name for the beautiful as this one. However, even as false always not run away from the beautiful Bonsai.


Flowers bonsai actually make false or artificial bonsai has many advantages, in addition to unique bonsai zoom this category has a remarkable resilience because it does not need to bother watering every day and remain false to care .bonsai been easy to manufacture and easy to maintain and does not the cost is low.

fake bonsai tree now we can easily get in the mall, even markets where the manufacturing plant decoration if see these fake bonsai tree bonsai trees look like the original but when we approached carefully and we touch the trunk would look if it was a fake bonsai tree :)