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How to make bonsai Terrarium

bonsai terrarium.

Could be a bonsai tree Terrarium plants? Before we answer that, let’s discuss what terrarium and what types of plants that we can make a terrarium, whether we can make the bonsai tree plant terrarium

Terrarium that is planting small plants (such as seeds) in a glass container which is arranged in such a way as to resemble a small garden. Art plant in a glass container, usually has a theme, as well as gardens real around us the difference is only in size. Therefore terrarium can be said to be an art because that has a theme, planting patterns and beauty. Themes can tell terrarium tropical garden with a variety of lush plants, other than according to the number of plants, type of terrarium distinguished by an open or closed container that is used. Open container is very common and widely used in the manufacture of terrarium because the theme options may vary.


While a closed terrarium just focuses on plants that can withstand that have habitat or in high humidity such as mosses and ferns. Plant ferns consisting of ferns and humid environment, or a desert garden with plants like cacti and Haworthia Xerophyte.


Besides the theme terrarium can be a specific location or place as a Japanese theme with additional accessory bridge, bamboo and small lakes, parks Bali uses stone arches and decorative umbrellas or beach park contains mini Chamaedorea palms and coconut imitation.


Terrarium types based on the number of plants that can be divided into 2 single terrarium / single which only consists of one plant and terrarium community / group with many plants in one container. Conceivably single type is quite simple and more easy to make than the type of community, but its beauty certainly no more attractive type of community.


Terrarium planted in a single drinking glasses are uniquely shaped like a footed glass or glass with a bumpy lip. A Single terrarium appeal can not be separated from the container and slightly ornate beauty of colored gravel covering cropping media. Instead, the beauty of the community terrarium depends on the compatibility of the arrangement of each element of the theme park to be created.


So all the small plants can be used as a terrarium including bonsai trees.