With a bit due to planting medium size pot shallow and small size, it is necessary once the selection of suitable planting media. Due to the selection of the media is wrong and does not match, the result is fatal plants and possibly lead to death. Fortunately still going bonsai die because of a mistake in choosing the planting medium, if it occurs in bonsai which have for years maintained then it is very unfortunate.


For bonsai enthusiasts who have experienced years of caring for and maintaining bonsai as above events are usually rare. For the use of planting medium is appropriate and suited to bonsai plants becomes very important.


There are a wide variety of growing media and mixtures:


Clay> The clay or clay-textured soil types most delicate and sticky. Characteristics of clay are small pores (micro pores) more than large pores (macropores) so the ability to bind water is high enough. Small pores and fine capillary containing water or air, while the coarse pores filled with air or water gravity are easily lost. Because the micro pores are so small and narrow, causing water or air circulation becomes sluggish.


Clay or loam soil is nutrient poor that need to be combined with other ingredients that are rich in nutrients. The use of clay combined with other materials such as sand and humus suitable as seeding media, graft and media bonsai.



Coarse sand> sand is often used as a growing medium to replace the function of the land. Until now the sand has been considered adequate if it is used as a medium for seeding, the growth of plant seedlings, stem cuttings and rooting plants. Quick drying nature will facilitate the appointment process plant seeds are considered old enough to be moved to another media. While the sand is quite heavy weights will facilitate the establishment of stem cuttings.

Charcoal> Charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, charcoal media usually is suitable for orchids. Charcoal is less able to bind water in large quantities. Uniquely on the media type of charcoal is as a buffer (buffer), in case of overdose or errors in the delivery of nutrients, charcoal can and as neutralizer media.


Compost> Compost is an organic growing media base ingredient derived from plant or fermentation of organic waste, such as straw, husks, leaves, grass, and municipal solid waste. The advantages of the use of compost as a growing medium is that it is able to restore soil fertility through improvement of soil properties, physical, chemical, or biological. In addition, the compost is also a facilitator in the uptake of nitrogen (N), which is needed by plants.


Due to the high content of organic matter in the compost is essential to improve soil conditions. Based on the known 2 the role of compost soil conditioner and soil ameliorator. Soil condotioner namely the role of compost in improving soil structure, especially the dry soil, while the soil ameliorator function in improving the soil cation exchange capability.