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Artificial Bonsai

How to make Artificial Bonsai Trees?



The art of bonsai was can be traced all the way back to ancient China, but the practice was adapted and made famous by the Japanese. Did you know that bonsai trees are not actually mini trees? They grow from the same seeds as full-size trees but are cultivated to stay small, and grow within the confines of a planter. Bonsai is a novelty in the western world, which is one of the reasons they are such popular decor.

Artificial Bonsai
Artificial Bonsai

The majority of artificial bonsai trees is small enough for display on a table, desk, shelf or bookcase. Our artificial indoor Bonsai trees range from 8.5 inches to six feet tall, however, there are more options from which to choose if you prefer a larger display. Perhaps you’d like to add a large artificial bonsai tree to the front hall? It’s the perfect way to set a calm tone in your home the moment you walk through the door. You’ll find countless places to use the smaller Bonsai versions, too. Look around for small spaces that need filling.

Bonsai is a tree that is old, but it cannot grow tall so very unique and expensive. Nevertheless, with our creativity, we can create artificial bonsai inside of fast- and cheap.

For materials create artificial bonsai => large tree branches, ironing board, dry leaves, sand, rocks, and paint finishing.

Tools => saws, cutters, sandpaper, brushes, glue and trowel.

Artificial Bonsai


How to make?

  1. prepare the necessary tools and materials, then, make the design of a bonsai tree branch with harness
  2. sawing tree branches with caution in order to become a branch structure that arrangement beautiful and natural. After that, do the sanding surface of the trunk / branches of trees
  3. create bonsai tools with attaching a board with 15×15 cm with a way glued / nailed at the base of the stem / branch
  4. The planting bonsai in a pot with the provision of sand and cement mortar and small rocks
  5. The installation of a natural leaf which has been preserved with glue on the position that the beautiful and natural
  6. The surface paint sticks / twigs evenly.