Bonsai Watering Can

how to choose Bonsai Watering Can


These tools provide plant watering bonsai or bonsai delicate but soaking baths that they crave!

This watering tool has a flat handle for carrying and pouring water. sprinkler watering right angle – providing precise to pot. Cheap holds 5 liters, making it ideal for thirsty plants porch.

measurement marks on the cylinder-shaped body is required to remind you that water needs. You deserve this matter watering can.

for watering bonsai. This will form the end sprinklers spray of fine grain, as needed bonsai. Watering rough will cause the soil media in a relatively small pot became scattered.

Bonsai Watering Can

Tool watering (watering can) and sprayer with holes exquisitely specifically for bonsai is very necessary. Watering tool should have a long neck so that no head for spraying. The tool sprayer must have removable heads that spray holes can be cleaned. In addition, water the tree from the ground up to eliminate the eggs of the worm and make the leaves absorb moisture. This watering method most good, because the leaves at the bottom have a better absorption capacity.

For watering better, move trees into the shade and cool. Let stand for two to three days and spray the leaves every day until the roots and leaves normal functioning. For damaged leaves immediately shears off its foliage and the soil replaced. Water the leaves and put in place a moist tree and not much wind. This will fix the tree to be healthy back.

at bonsai should be watered?


The answer depends on the type of bonsai, climatic conditions (wet or dry), aged bonsai, and several other variables.


Ideally, bonsai should be watered in moderation, not too much nor too little.


Be sure to flush the water is at room temperature, the water is too cold or heat can damage the bonsai.


If you want to flush using tap water, let the water settle overnight to precipitate the chlorine and other chemicals.


When flush, flush bonsai with a little water. Once the soil becomes wet, flush again with more water.


Watering is best done every day in the morning, before the start bonsai photosynthesis cycle daily.

Bonsai Watering Can