how to care for a Bonsai tree


The term bonsai itself is also used in Japan for traditional arts in the maintenance of the plant in a shallow pot. Also in Japan, bonsai appreciation of the beauty of the shape of the leaves, branches, trunks and roots of the tree. In fact, the pots used for container bonsai bonsai also be criteria were considered good or not.

To create a bonsai plant that is well and good, should be good care as well. In this article we will discuss the basics for Bonsai tree care to help you off to a good start..

how to care for a bonsai tree.


  1. you should choose the specie of plant or tree that is adaptable to your location. This is because you have to provide for the specific needs of a plant. Bonsai is no different to the full grown counterpart. Providing it with its specific needs to grow and subsist is the only way to make your miniature tree look healthy and pretty. In your venture into bonsai art, the steps on how to care for a bonsai tree must be known.


  1. Another thing to consider wen looking at how to care for a Bonsai tree is the pot your tree will grow in. Generally, the Bonsai pot should be two-thirds to three quarters as wide as the bonsai tree. The height of the Bonsai pot should be able to cover the trunk, but the height can vary based on the growth of the tree. It is important for the pot to have a good shape for future growth of the Bonsai tree. If the pot is too small than the tree will lack in growth.


  1. water treatmen

Bonsai must have the proper watering to maintain a healthy and strong tree. When learning how to care for a Bonsai, a good rule of thumb is to once a week place the Bonsai tree in water. The tree will remain in the water until the bubbles stop reaching the water surface, essentially soaking all of the soil. All the parts of the Bonsai should absorb the water


  1. Additional care for bonsai tree

The last part to know on how to care for a bonsai tree pertains to the handling of the plant. There is a right way to repot, prune and trim the growing bonsai. You repot it annually and as you do it, cut some parts of the roots. This will prevent excessive growth of the plant so that it does not grow too tall. You are prohibited from pruning it with ordinary scissors. You will need to invest on special trimming tools designed for use in bonsai tree. You have a tool for cutting leaves and you have another tool for shaping the tree and one other for tweaking the branches.

how to care for a Bonsai tree
how to care for a Bonsai tree