Guide to Bonsai Potting soil


In general, bonsai planting medium is a mixture of sand, soil and humus with equal ratio (1: 1: 1). For certain plants that require different composition can be adjusted. For example, for the evergreen species (Juniperus sp), requires 3 parts sand and two parts humus.

Pot is an important part of bonsai, so there should be compatibility between the size, shape, and color of bonsai pots with plants.

For bonsai style sloping, shallow pot suitable to use rectangular or oval. If using a shallow pot, height equivalent to the diameter of the stem bonsai.

For bonsai style half hanging and hanging, suitable use of high pots are round or square.


bonsai potting soil
Pessey & Samson 1992
  1. Place spray facilitating materials (gravel, broken pots, pieces of tile or brick) at the very bottom of that as much as one quarter. The size of the fragments depends on the size of the pot used. It aims to reduce the possibility of clogging the holes in the pot and to facilitate the disposal of excessive water. For tropical high evaporation, spray facilitating material given little. It is intended to retain moisture as desired plants. In the subtropical areas usually splash facilitating material given more.
  2. Add a small amount of land suitable for bonsai going on top of the material facilitating splash.

    bonsai potting soil
    Pessey & Samson 1992
  3. Then prepare bonsai going to be planted. Roots (taproot or other root) is too much reduced. It is also adjustable in length and width of the root with a bonsai pot to be planted. The purpose of the cut taproot that besides bonsai plants that can be grown in shallow pots, bonsai does not grow too, so high and so stimulates the growth of roots on the surface branch. How to cut the roots except delicate roots that should always be tilted so that the surface of the wound wider so it can absorb more water.

    Bonsai Potting Soil
    Pessey & Samson 1992
  4. Adjust the position of bonsai going to fit the pot. Then add soil around the room so that bonsai, bonsai can stand in the pot as well. The addition of the land done little by little with a garden trowel or spoon. Try to keep the entire root filled sidelines ground so there are no air pockets that later can become pests and diseases. The way is by poking a piece of bamboo for chopsticks (chopstick) between the sidelines roots. Compact the soil in the pot by pressing the ground with the fingertips or palms. It should be noted that the stem bonsai along the ground around him should be located higher than the periphery of the pot. However, at the outskirts of potting soil should be lower than the lip pot so that water spray does not spill out.

Source: Pessey C, Samson R. 1992. Bonsai Basics: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing, Training and General Care. New York: Sterling.