Mugo Pine Pruning

Guide for Mugo Pine Pruning


Mugo Pine Pruning


Question: I have a mugo pine in front of my house that is out of control. It is seven feet in diameter and encroaching onto the sidewalk in two directions. It needs to be cut back by half to get it under control and fit properly into our landscape scheme. How much can I cut back at one time?


Answer: Mugo pine is labeled and sold as a dwarf, densely growing plant but, according to woody plant guru Michael Dirr, “One of the problems with this plant is that it doesn’t read the advertisements.” It is true that some mugo pines grow slowly to four feet in height and width. Others, after a dozen years, may be twice that size.

Mugo Pine Pruning

Achieving the size you want may be difficult. If you shorten the limbs by half it is likely that no dormant buds will be left on the remaining stub. Therefore, no new growth will result and the limb will die. If you are lucky, you can shorten the longest limbs back to existing interior limbs which have needles on them now. Those limbs should be left alone for this season.


Next year, assuming the pine is the size you like, clip off the tip of the “candle (green center growth) on each limb once it is an inch long. This will thicken the foliage and keep the pine small. If your proposed cuts will leave the little foliage on the pine, prune it with a shovel and replace it with another small conifer.


Mugo Pine Pruning

Pruning A Mugo Pine

The right way and time to prune a mugo is when the new growth (candles) sprout out in mid spring; it doesn’t take very much time to trim them, then. This is the biggest question I get on the blog: when and how should I prune a mugo pine?

The tip growth is called a “candle” due to its appearance; these light gold, slim spikes should be pinched or clipped back about two-thirds each year.

Please don’t cut back into old wood or remove parts of a growing branch- it may not regenerate.

Use regular pruning shears, the tip growth is soft. Cut about halfway down the candle