Real bonsai tree

Face of Real bonsai tree




Indeed, for hunting stump is not required a lot of tools. The necessary tools garden tools mostly everyday. The hunters stumps using only simple tools to take on the stump. Because they had to walk to the area’s many stump.


The region where the average stump difficult to achieve because of the region are easily achieved already visited the hunters stump many other so that the search site became more and more distant. As a consequence, the only tool that really matters is taken.

Real bonsai tree

A widely used tool to take the stump is or crowbar or digging hoe, a machete to cut, as well as rope and sacks to bring stubble home. By simply bringing these tools stump that can be obtained only slightly. From early morning until late afternoon the hunters stump only able to bring 4-6 pieces of stubble.


There is some bonsai hunter who can bring home a lot of stumps. Tools that they bring not only crowbars, knives, ropes, and sacks. They also prepare cut saws, hoes, hammers, rock breakers. Sometimes equipment to climb the cliff ever they include. To reach difficult places on a high cliff. A vehicle as a means of transport and carrier stump is one thing that brands need as well.


Hunter stump to search around their homes and do so just looking for supplemental income often do not care to bring the necessary tools. This is what resulted in the method of taking the stump being rude and careless. The results obtained was in the form of stumps are broken and wounded with a form that is not known.


A difficult place to grow like coral or rock climbing mountains is not easy dug up. To scrape and cut rock or coral takes many hours. The more difficult the location and the harder the rock, then the job will be longer. Their bonsai hunter going to spend a few days just to dig a dwarf plant that grows on steep mountain rock,


An easy way to solve the problem as above is to bring rock-climbing gear. The nature lover or a climber who likes venturing into areas claimed often find the unique dwarf plant at the site of climbing.


By setting up this special equipment, a difficult location so easy to reach. With the addition of rock-breaking tool, it is a hard stone can be broken without damaging the environment.