oak bonsai tree

There are a lot of trees that can be made into bonsai one of which is the bonsai Oak tree, Oak is a strong tree with a strong trunk. he could live twenty years and even decades to reach hundreds of years.

The Oak tree grows freely in colder areas of the Northern Hemisphere such as England, Scotland, parts of the USA and many others. Two main species are known, the English Oak and the White Oak.

The White Oak, also English, is also a desired tree for the purposes of Bonsai, but are a little harder to train. However, their foliage and colours more than make up for it.

The Oak is a particularly hardy tree and is able to withstand climatic extremes, from drought to sun exposure. This makes the Bonsai Oak tree a particularly great candidate for your care. The leaves of the Oak are different from most native trees. They have spines through them and since they are evergreen, the leaves stay all year round.

The Oak tree will grow to a height of 20m and develops a big, circular crown. It has black bark with small vertical cracks. The twigs are brown, slim and covered in fine hairs. The dark green leaves are oval shaped and can appear black in color and also have hairs on the underneath of them. The younger leaves are spiny, which are similar to holly leaves and older leaves have smoother edges than those of younger trees.oak bonsai tree 2

They have a monoecious reproductive system, which means that both parts (male and female flowers) needed to reproduce from seed are located on the same tree. The male catkins are yellow and hang from the tree in large numbers during early spring. They are pollinated by wind and female flowers turn into acorns. These are small and long compared to English or sessile Oak acorns. The young green acorns develop into a brown to red color before falling.

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How to make Bonsai Oak Tree :

The timber is very strong and hard-wearing. It was used by the romans to build wheels for carts and carriages, along with hand tools for use in agriculture. We still use it today but mostly for firewood, mainly because it burns slow and lasts a long time.

Position: Place the Oak tree in partial shade or full sun. The Oak is hardy, but should be protected when temperatures drop in the winter.

Watering: General watering practice, but make sure the soil never dries out completely.

Feeding: Once every two or three weeks during its growth season. Apply an organic fertilizer.

Pruning: The Oak can be pruned significantly, which will result in strong new growth.

Repotting: Every two years, just before the tree starts to grow in early spring.

Propagation: From cuttings during summer or by planting acorns.

Although bonsai Oak tree are less vulnerable to pests and diseases over other native Oaks, they can still be prone to chronic Oak decline (COD) and acute Oak decline (AOD). For better result do periodic maintenance every month. Good luck :)

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